Was just about to get back into making updates.

When the question I was gonna answer has dissapeared because the questioner has deleted her blog….

She said:

*bumps into you* Oh… hello Lovebuck

(obviously just wanting me to draw her OC.) So I was gonna make her back into Lovebucks penis. Since he is tall and she would be short enough to walk backwards under his belly till her parts met his, and say “OHHHHHHHH~ HellLLLLOOOOO LOvebuck” <3 ~


My grandma actually asked if Matt and I had ‘done the deed’

I was so taken aback I didn’t respond and she just nodded slowly and ate a fry and just….. She scares me sometimes

'done the deed'? sex? I'm pretty sure 3 times in a single night covers that.

But why the fuck would she just say she misses me too (on facebook) then bring up our sex life o-o